ART S8 8-channel Microphone Splitter


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This Microphone Signal Splitter is a Live Toolbox Essential!


The ART S8 8-channel microphone splitter gives you an effective tool for splitting eight balanced low-impedance microphone signals to pairs of outputs, giving you 16. Each channel of the S8 provides one direct output and one transformer-isolated output from a single microphone. You can send the direct outputs to the main or FOH mixer, and the second isolated outputs to a monitor or recording mixer. The direct outputs pass phantom power from the main mixer to the microphones for use with condenser microphones. If you want a dependable splitter for you microphone signal, choose the S8!



ART S8 8-channel Microphone Splitter at a Glance:

  • Ground lift on each output, pad on each input
  • Audio Utilities series

Ground lift on each output, pad on each input
The S8 includes a ground-lift switch on each isolated output to reduce hum due to ground loops between connected AC-powered units. For versatility the S8 also features an attenuator pad switch on each input that can be used to connect preamplified signals to the two microphone-level outputs on each channel. Typical preamplified signals would originate from instrument preamplifiers, mixers, keyboards, etc.

Audio Utilities series
Audio Utilities by Applied Research and Technology are audio devices that have been designed and engineered to exceed high standards for audio performance and functionality. These innovative, high-quality components are perfect for virtually any audio application where precision frequency tailoring, reliable performance and rugged design are of the utmost importance. ART Audio Utilities deliver extremely precise and powerful flexibility, with quality features and reliable design criteria necessary for top-level audio performance.

ART S8 8-channel Microphone Splitter Features:

  • Splits eight balanced lo-Z mic channels into eight pairs (16)
  • One direct output and one transformer-isolated output per channel
  • Direct outputs pass phantom power to microphones
  • One attenuator pad per channel input
  • One ground-lift switch per channel output

The ART S8 gives you a great microphone signal splitter at a friendly price!