Yamaha YC88 88 key weighted stage keyboard


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Yamaha’s Amazing Organ-focused Stage Piano

The Yamaha YC88 packs all the character of vintage combo organs and more into a gig-friendly, compact 88-key stage piano. Using Yamaha’s proprietary Virtual Circuit Modeling, the YC88 is one of the most lifelike-sounding analog organ emulations on the market, and it comes stocked with a large selection of additional instrument voices and killer onboard effects. Designed to please discerning pianists, the YC88 is ideal for today’s performing keyboardists who prefer to run the show from one fully weighted piano keyboard. The YC88’s triple-sensor hammer-action keybed and physical drawbars are highly responsive and rewarding to play and manipulate. While the YC88 is vintage in character, it boasts all the functionality and reliability of a modern digital instrument, with vast customization options and computer audio integration for audio recording, playback, and MIDI control. Keyboardists at Sweetwater are blown away by the YC88. A compelling drawbar organ packed with great sounds and performance features, the YC88 has the right stuff to be the top-tier keyboard in your live and studio rigs.

Endless sonic possibilities

The YC88 is brimming with the signature tones of Yamaha’s classic line of combo organs — super-fat low end, thick organ swells, mellow emanations, and biting leads, along with the inimitable sound of a rotary speaker. With its drawbar controls, the YC88 presents a sizable sonic palette with tons of tweakability. Layer up a fat organ pad. Pull back the bars for a focused sound. Dial up the percussion. Beyond the incredible organ sound, Yamaha’s updated Stage OS and the YC88’s Dual Keys section give you control over a slew of instrument voices, including acoustic and electric pianos, FM synth, strings, and brass. And, the YC88’s nine onboard effects, such as vibrato/chorus, reverb, delay, and drive, make for endless musical possibilities.

Stellar feel and playability

The experience of playing a drawbar organ is visceral and interactive, and the YC88 provides a great feel to inspire expressive performances. The physical drawbars and intuitive control surface make it easy to shape sounds on the fly without getting bogged down in programming patches. Yamaha’s Seamless Sound Switching lets you change patches while holding notes without the sound cutting off. Designed for musicians accustomed to playing all types of instruments on a fully weighted piano keyboard, the YC88’s 88-note, triple-sensor hammer-action keybed with synthetic ebony and ivory keytops is certain to delight even the most demanding pianists.

Proprietary Virtual Circuit Modeling

The foundation of the YC88’s rich and detailed sound is Yamaha’s Virtual Circuit Modeling (VCM), which digitally emulates analog circuits down to the individual component level. Yamaha has been working with physical modeling since the development of their VL1 Virtual Acoustic Synthesizer, which was released in 1993. Over the ensuing decades, they have continually refined their proprietary modeling technology and incorporated it into iconic, cutting-edge products that deliver stunningly realistic digital emulations of traditional instruments. The YC88’s VCM organ engine mimics the analog topology of Yamaha’s classic organs for astonishingly accurate tone, vibe, behavior, and realistic rotary speaker sounds that will transport you to a blissful vintage dreamland with all the benefits of digital sound processing.

Yamaha YC88 88-key Stage Keyboard Features:

  • 88-key drawbar organ and stage piano
  • Proprietary Virtual Circuit Modeling delivers authentic vintage organ character
  • Sculpt your sound with intuitive drawbar controls
  • Fully weighted, triple-sensor hammer-action keyboard with synthetic ebony and ivory keytops will please even the most demanding pianists
  • 2 ultra-realistic rotary speaker models
  • Seamless Sound Switching patches while holding notes without the sound cutting off
  • Great selection of additional instrument voices, including acoustic and electric pianos, DX-style FM synth sounds, strings, and brass
  • Layer sounds with the Dual Keys section
  • 9 onboard effects processors, including vibrato/chorus, reverb, delay, drive, and more
  • USB-to-Host port: 2-channel audio/MIDI interface for DAW and computer audio integration
  • USB-to-Device port: for connection of thumb drives, smartphones, tablets, etc.
  • Dual 1/4-inch jacks for connecting secondary keyboards, mobile devices, and more
  • 2 assignable 1/4-inch continuous controller pedal jacks
  • 2 1/4-inch switch pedal jacks (sustain, assignable)
  • L/Mono-R 1/4-inch inputs with Gain control
  • 1/4-inch Headphones jack
  • Internal power supply; IEC mains port