Yamaha THR30 II A Wireless Acoustic 30 watt Modeling Combo amplifier


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Choose from great microphone models

To help you get the perfect tone, the THR30 II A has five selectable voices for you to play through. You get three excellent microphone models that shape your pickup's raw sound into a convincing reproduction of a studio sound. Whether you prefer the sound of a tube, dynamic, or condenser microphone, you can take it with you for your next performance. There are also settings for nylon-stringed guitars and a Flat setting for a pure amplified tone.


Bluetooth support for playback, preset editing, and much more

The THR30 II A's Bluetooth support lets you take advantage of some seriously impressive capabilities. You can stream audio from a music service, thereby allowing you to play along to your favorite tracks. And with Yamaha's THR Remote app, you can dive into the THR30 II A's settings, craft your own presets, tweak the EQ, and assign effects. Since the amp has five settings recall buttons, you can take five of your favorite tones with you anywhere you go.


Take your music anywhere

If you ask the product testers at Sweetwater, one of the most useful features of the Yamaha THR30 II A is its rechargeable internal battery. With it, you can grab your smartphone, amp, and guitar and head out — you can jam in the car, under a tree in the park, and anywhere else you can imagine. And since it's equipped with an XLR input, a high-quality microphone preamp, and stereo line outputs, the Yamaha THR30 II A is a mobile performer's best friend.


Wireless made simple

Thanks to its built-in wireless receiver, the THR30 II A Wireless Acoustic amplifier, makes cutting the cord blissfully simple. Fire up your Line 6 Relay G10T transmitter (sold separately), and you’re ready to go. There's no setup fuss, fumbling with batteries, or menus — just plug-and-play simplicity. You can even charge the G10T in the amp's input jack!


Yamaha THR30 II A Wireless Acoustic Guitar Amplifier Features:

  • 30W, 1-channel 2 x 3.5-inch portable guitar amplifier
  • Includes 3 realistic microphone models and Nylon Str and Flat modes
  • XLR input and mic pre allow you to sing and play through the same amplifier
  • Bluetooth support for streaming audio and preset editing via Yamaha’s THR Remote app
  • Hi-fi audio playback and Extended Stereo Technology make backing tracks sound great
  • 3-band EQ lets you tweak your tone to perfection
  • Runs on internal, rechargeable battery or AC power
  • Built-in Line 6 wireless receiver is compatible with the Line 6 G10T transmitter (sold separately)
  • 5 user preset slots let you save and recall your favorite tones
  • Stereo Line output lets you plug into a PA system for live applications
  • USB connection provides 2 channels of recording to your computer and 2 channels of playback from your computer
  • Includes Steinberg's Cubase AI for PC/Mac and Cubasis LE for iPad

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