Yamaha THR10X 10 watt 2x3 Hi-Gain Modeling Combo guitar amplifier


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A Portable Amp That's Packed with Tone!

Yamaha's THR10X portable combo guitar amplifier delivers amazing high-gain tube amp tones along with incredibly useful tools for songwriting, recording, and practicing. Choose from five intricately modeled classic tube amp types, or plug in your bass or acoustic guitar directly. You also get a 3-band EQ, four modulation effects, and four reverb/delay styles to shape your sound. Use the THR10X's stereo speakers for playback from your iPod or computer. Battery power lets you take your tones anywhere and, thanks to its USB connectivity, you'll also love the way your Yamaha THR10X guitar amplifier fits into your studio.



Yamaha THR10X Portable Combo Guitar Amplifier at a Glance:

  • Yamaha's THR Series amps deliver
  • Battery powered, so you can take your music anywhere
  • USB connectivity for recording, playback, and preset editing

Yamaha's THR Series amps deliver

Yamaha's THR Series amps were developed by a team of guitarists on a single-minded quest for the ultimate tone. THR amps are compact and domesticated, but make no mistake - they deliver real-deal tone that you can feel. The THR10X's focused is high-gain. You get impeccable models of five channels from three amps: power I, power II, brown I, brown II, and Southern hi. You also get clean, bass, and flat modes. But Yamaha not only didn't only apply their considerable expertise to creating exceptional models of coveted guitar amps - they also came up with incredible-sounding effects, lush reverbs, and cool delays to take your playing to an entirely new level. And perhaps the best part, is that you rock out with killer tone at bedroom-friendly volumes. 

Battery powered, so you can take your music anywhere

Want to rock out on a street corner? Pick up your iPod for backing tracks and your battery-powered Yamaha THR10X guitar amp and you're good to go. What about your next long car trip? With up to 6 hours of running time on just eight AA batteries, you'll be able to rock out from state to state. Even if you're flying, the entire THR10X fits easily in your carry-on, so you'll be ready to rock as soon as your plane lands.

USB connectivity for recording, playback, and preset editing

There's a lot you can do with the THR10X's USB jack. For one thing, it lets you record right to your DAW. A complimentary copy of Cubase AI comes included, so you're set even if you don't already have recording software. You can also use the THR10's USB for audio playback, letting you rock out to your favorite tunes, without reaching for your iPod. Last but not least, there's Yamaha's THR Editor software, which lets you use your computer to dive deep into the THR10X's amp models and effects to create your own presets. It also gives you access to the THR10X's compressor and noise gate for even more tone tweaking possibilities. And since the THR10X features five user setting recall buttons, you can take up to five of your favorite tones with you anywhere.

Yamaha THR10X Portable Combo Guitar Amplifier Features:

  • An amazing portable guitar amp, ideal for practicing, songwriting, and recording
  • Power I, power II, brown I, brown II, and Southern hi amp emulation settings
  • Clean, bass, and flat modes
  • Plug in your bass or acoustic guitar - or bypass the modeling section entirely
  • 4 modulation effects and 4 independent reverb/delay effects give you a wide range of tones
  • Yamaha's Virtual Circuitry Modeling (VCM) technology delivers extremely realistic sound and feel
  • 3-band EQ lets you further tweak your tone to perfection
  • Runs on supplied AC adapter or 8 AA batteries for up to 6 hours of continuous playing time
  • USB connection provides 2 channels of recording/playback to or from your computer
  • Dual 3.15" speakers provide stereo audio for internal effects and auxiliary/computer audio playback
  • Free (downloadable) THR Editor lets you tweak additional parameters of your amp models/effects
  • Noise gate and compressor accessed via THR Editor
  • Headphone output with adjustable aux input/amplifier output control
  • 5 user settings buttons let you take your favorite tone with your anywhere for instant recall
  • Includes Steinberg's Cubase AI recording software

Get amazing guitar tone anywhere with the Yamaha THR10X!

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