Yamaha Genos flagship arranger workstation keyboard black 76 note used


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Genos is the flagship Yamaha Digital Workstation, with intuitive control featuring a 9" color touch screen, assignable sliders and knobs with their own OLED display, and even 6 assignable button. Genos is the best-sounding digital workstation today with unmatched sample quality, state of the art Style content, and professional level connectivity the Genos is the ultimate songwriting and performance tool. New Revo! drums are part of Yamaha AEM (Advanced Element Management) Technology and deliver never before heard realism from MIDI drums. Super Articulation 2 (SA2!) Voices replicate the performance nuances of non-keyboard instruments providing unmatched realism. Record your song ideas or performances using the on-board MIDI and audio recording features, or interface with computer-based digital audio workstations. 
Welcome to a new world for Digital Workstations.  Genos is the new benchmark in Digital Workstation sound, design and user experience.
Whether you are in a recording studio or on the stage, Genos will inspire and intensify your
musical creation and performance.
Powered by proprietary Yamaha technology for data compression and sound playback, Genos sound engine allows tremendous data compression without sound quality loss for unparalleled, realistic sound reproduction.

- 256-Note, Stereo polyphony
Experience rich stereo sound without cutting the available number of notes in half.

- AEM (Articulation Element Modeling)
is the technology for simulating instrument characteristics. During performance, the most appropriate sound samples are selected in sequence in real time. The articulations are seamlessly combined so that it sounds like you're playing an actual acoustic instrument. 
Whether you create or perform music, you want great content.  Genos boasts a diverse range of musical instruments, including the Yamaha CFX Premium Grand Piano, newly sampled strings, brass sounds and Revo!Drum/SFX.

-Ready to go contents
Genos features
stunning soundright out of the box.
Get ready to be inspired by the breathtaking sound from it.

Revo!Drum Voices recreate the natural, human sound of playing drums, varying the tone and velocity like a real drummer would do! It works on all drums, but is really appreciated on repeating sounds like hi hats and cymbals.
From Reverb to Distortion, Rotary Speaker to Compressor, Genos boasts unprecedented DSP power.
Using the same VCM technology as Yamaha’s professional high-end mixing consoles, Genos has the tools to create the perfect sound. Not only do the effects sound great, they look great, too—with stunning graphical user interfaces.
Automatically apply various Vocal Harmony effects to your voice as you sing, or use Synth Vocoder to graft the unique characteristics of your voice onto synthesizer and other sounds.
You can continually expand the onboard content of your Genos by creating and installing your own custom or purchased Packs. The scope of possibilities for new sounds and styles is virtually unlimited.

-Yamaha Expansion Manager
PC/Mac software to manage the Expansion contents for Yamaha keyboards.  For more information, please go to page 13.

-integrated Flash Memory
Genos includes
a whopping (or generous) 1.8GB of user flash memory with high speed reading/writing for your own custom Voices!
Control your music with the all new LIVE CONTROL surface.

-LIVE CONTROL knobs and sliders
A wide variety of functions can be assigned to the six knobs and nine sliders for the ultimate in live control.

The LIVE CONTROL view provides an instant visual confirmation of your adjustments of knobs and sliders - without interrupting the main display.
Genos features a variety of rhythmic backing patterns and accompaniment (called “Styles”) in a variety of different musical genres. Styles feature sophisticated patterns to inspire your creativity.
Just start playing and Genos will orchestrate your ideas, following your lead.
Genos features a very intuitive interface for music making and sound creation.

Large (or put the dimensions) Touch Screen
Select and change parameters directly with the new color touch screen.

-Assigable button
While you are performing music, you need to act fast for your next action. 
Genos will assist you with 6 assignable buttons on the panel, so that with just a single button press, you call up your desired function.
The Registration Memory function allows you to save virtually all panel settings to a Registration Memory button, and then instantly recall your settings by simply pressing a single button.
Start with an original idea for a song by picking an instrument Voice and Style of your choice. Play and work out the arrangement and then record it capturing your creation as a MIDI song.
Then, overdub some sounds, add a vocal track if you like and create your audio demo or finished soundtrack.
Genos allows you to record your performance and save it as a MIDI file in SMF format. MIDI recording features two recording methods, Quick Recording and Multi Recording. Genos also lets you record your performances as audio data (WAV) to an internal User drive.

-Cloud Audio Recorder
Usethe "Cloud Audio recorder" App and record wirelessly via WiFi and save/share through the soundcloud.
Select from the 216 Arpeggios to perform unique instrument phrases. By layering parts, you can give form to your composition ideas quickly.
Genos features simulations of acoustic instrument performances by Arpeggio and MegaVoices.
Some Arpeggio patterns go beyond an algorithm of notes, adding motion using parameters such as Filter and Gatetime.
Genos features professional quality output from both Analog and Digital output to get the best sounds from the keyboard. 

-Analog output
Genos is equipped with refined circuitry and features a new 32bit Digital Audio Converter (DAC) that produces sound that  cuts through the mix.

-Sub out
Genos features four Sub Out line-out connections that you can use to adapt your sound to various situation

-Digital out (S/PDIF)
Digital output will allow you to transmit the Audio data via coaxial cable with RCA connectors without losing quality.
The Genos FSX action is a premium keyboard action with aftertouch. Physically, the keys use a high-precision manufacturing process for an incredibly durable keybed, superior key stability and "fast" action. The keyboard also features enhanced touch response and an extremely controllable aftertouch for highly expressive playing.
Playlist is the new way to quickly set up Genos, no matter how large your repertoire is.
Organize your Registration Memories into convenient Playlists for instant recall during performance.

-more Playlist
To discover more about Playlist, go to www.yamaha.com/genos
The Multi Pads can be used to play a number of short pre-recorded rhythmic and melodic sequences that can be used to add impact and variety to your keyboard performances.

-Audio Link Multi Pad
Going beyond MIDI, it allows you to create unique, new pad content with your own audio (WAV) data for playing back instantly during performances.
With the convenient Direct Access function, navigate to the desired display with just a single additional button press.
Manage Voice, Style, Registration and other content. Select your favorites and create a Personal Pack, efficiently using the instrument’s on-board memory.  In addition, supporting WAV, AIFF and even SoundFont and REX formats, you can create your own original Voices and Drum Kits from your recorded sample data. 
Premium Packs will expand your music library by adding new Voices, Styles and more.
Load a new instrument sound or even higher quality sounds than the factory presets.
For more information
visit www.yamaha.com/genos
SongBook+ allows you to manage your lyrics and/or music scores from an iPad for quick retrieval during a performance



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