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Yamaha understands that finding the perfect gear to get your stream going can be challenging. To save you the stress without compromising on quality, Yamaha's Livestreaming Pack offers their AG03 Mk2 3-channel mixer and USB audio interface alongside everything else you'll need for pro-level audio. This all-in-one bundle is built around the company's powerhouse 3-channel mixer, suited for live streaming, broadcasting, and studio recording. Beyond the mixer, you also receive Yamaha’s YCM01 condenser microphone, which was designed with a cardioid pattern for a diverse yet focused sensitivity. To round it out, Yamaha includes a pair of their new YHMT1 headphones, delivering high-fidelity, studio-quality audio. For a hassle-free option to start hosting your stream, AudioProCT highly recommends the all-in-one Yamaha Live Streaming Pack.


Master your mix with the AG03 Mk2

With new forms of content accessible from a myriad of devices, it’s crucial to maintain a high standard when it comes to your audio. The Yamaha AG03 Mk2 3-channel mixer and USB interface is designed to accommodate streams for gaming, webcasting, live music, and so much more. This mixer aims to pair flexibility with opportunity, boasting 24-bit/192kHz audio quality, USB connectivity, onboard DSP effects, and loopback functionality — affording you real-time control and integration of separate audio sources into your stream. The Mk2 also features an 1/8-inch, 4-pole mini I/O and iOS compatibility to enable a variety of additional streaming options. Plus, iOS class compliance grants you access to even further fine-tuning of your sound, thanks to the AG DSP Controller app.

Powerful, professional sound

Arguably, your microphone is the most important component of your stream. Yamaha has you covered, however. The included YCM01 condenser microphone is optimized for its use with the AG03 Mk2, thanks to the mixer’s built-in +48-volt phantom power supply that’s designed to support a condenser mic. The YCM01 adopts a cardioid pattern, making it ideal for livestreaming, instrumental recording, and studio use. Additionally, the included XLR cable means you can plug and play, straight out of the box.

Real-time, high-quality playback

Hearing your stream in real time is imperative to a quality performance. In order to help you dial in your best mix, this Yamaha pack includes a pair of YHMT1 headphones, offering high-fidelity, studio-quality audio. These 'phones are great for streaming, live performance, and streaming use, guaranteeing consistent sound throughout your work. What's more, the AG03 Mk2 accommodates both 1/8-inch and phone jack outputs, offering flexibility with your sound and how it makes its way back to you and other listeners.

Yamaha AG03 Mk2 Livestreaming Pack Features:

  • AG03 Mk2 3-channel mixer and USB audio interface provides an intuitive, powerful, and diverse engine for your streaming setup
  • Onboard DSP controls in the AG03 Mk2 allow for flexible, precise control of your stream with low latency, including compression, EQ, filtering, and reverb
  • Precision interfacing tools let you stay in control of what gets heard and how, including the built-in loopback mode that allows you to supplement your inputs with audio from your Mac/PC
  • Class compliance mode for iPad affords fine-tuned control of DSP effects via Yamaha’s AG DSP Controller app
  • +48V phantom power option is ideal for use of the YCM01 or any other condenser mic
    • YCM01 condenser microphone adopts a cardioid pattern for sensitivity, ideal for studio recording, instrumental performance, livestreaming, and more
  • YHMT1 studio-quality headphones promise high-fidelity audio to help you monitor your mix in real time
  • Included USB 2.0 and XLR microphone cables means you’re ready to connect and stream right away

    Tech Specs

    • Channels:3
    • Computer Connectivity:USB 2.0
    • A/D Resolution:24-bit / 192kHz
    • Faders:1 x 60mm
    • Inputs - Mic Preamps:1 x XLR-1/4" combo
    • Phantom Power:+48V
    • Inputs - Line:3 x 1/4" TRS, 1 x 1/8"
    • Outputs - Main:1 x Dual RCA Stereo, 2 x 1/4" TS
    • Headphones:1 x 1/4" TRS, 1 x 1/8"
    • USB:1 x USB-C
    • Other I/O:1 x 1/4" (footswitch)
    • Effects:Loopback function, one-touch Reverb
    • Software:Cubase Al, WaveLab Cast, Cubasis LE, Rec'n'Share
    • Power Source:USB bus powered (5V DC)
    • Height:2.48"
    • Width:4.96"
    • Depth:7.91"
    • Weight:1.76 lbs.
    • Manufacturer Part Number:AG03MK2 W LSPK