Waldorf Quantum Synthesizer MK2


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The Quantum MK2 combines the legendary synthesizer technology of his predecessor with new features. The device now features a new FATAR TP/8SK keyboard with 61 semi-weighted keys and polyphonic aftertouch. Furthermore, the internal flash memory for samples storage has been expanded to 59GB. The flexibility emanating from Quantum’s powerful oscillators and their interaction with one another allows for a wide sonic bandwidth.


Waldorf have announced that the Quantum MK2, an upgraded version of their flagship synthesizer, is set for release. Despite sharing the same overall look as the original, this latest iteration boasts a 61-key Fatar keybed with polyphonic aftertouch, up to 59GB of on-board sample storage, and doubles the voice count of its predecessor.

PolyAT & Voice Count

A headline feature of the MK2 is the addition of a polyphonic aftertouch keybed. Whilst the original instrument’s engine supported the feature, its keybed only provided channel aftertouch, meaning those who wished to take advantage of the polyphonic capabilities had to do so by employing an external controller keyboard.

Thanks to the newly added 61-key Fatar TP8/SK keybed, this functionality is now available directly on the instrument itself, allowing the Quantum MK2 to offer greatly improved expressive performance capabilities. Waldorf say that the feature is highly customisable, both globally and for individual keys, with a wealth of configuration options and visual feedback provided by the instrument’s high-resolution display.

MPE (MIDI Polyphonic Expression) support is also present, with users able to connect an MPE-capable controller directly to a dedicated USB host port on the instrument’s rear panel.

It is now possible to utilise 16 voices of polyphonic compared to the original Quantum’s eight, with users able to mix and match the instrument’s eight analogue dual-filters and eight digital multi-mode filters in any combination. The company say that a new set of allocation modes have been introduced to provide easy control over this functionality.

Sample Storage

The internal sample storage space has been greatly expanded due to user requests and feedback, with the MK2 now boasting 59GB of internal memory compared to its previous 4GB. Both the polyphonic granular engine and the multi-sample engine benefit from the upgrade, and acclaimed sound designers from all over the world have contributed to the factory preset library and initial sample content. In addition to the dedicated sample storage, there is also 3.4GB of space available for storing presets and wavetables. The company have also stated that all of the on-board sounds are compatible with their Iridium instruments.


The majority of Quantum MK2’s I/O is provided on quarter-inch jack sockets, which offer Main and Aux stereo outputs, a stereo Audio In, and a headphone output. Sustain and expression pedal inputs are available, again on quarter-inch jacks, whilst MIDI In, Out, and Thru connections are present on five-pin DIN sockets. The instrument features an internal PSU, and so accepts power via a standard IEC mains inlet.