Roland FANTOM 6 EX Synthesizer Workstation


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A formidable sonic arsenal

Packing all the features of its renowned predecessor — and much more — FANTOM EX brings you up to date with Roland’s most advanced technologies and gives you a robust creative ecosystem for music composition, performance, sequencing, and professional sound design. Onboard are dozens of simultaneous effects, including new studio-grade reverbs and updated Master FX for shaping your overall sound. With its ergonomic panel fitted with knobs, buttons, and sliders, FANTOM EX provides the real-time control you need to compose your music and shape sounds on the fly as its beautiful color touchscreen dynamically adapts to support the task at hand. And you can personalize the look by importing custom images for the screensaver and startup view.

Power on demand

Fortified with an arsenal of inspiring, authentic electronic, acoustic, and hybrid sounds, the FANTOM EX is powerful, versatile, and expandable. Its sound engines draw on decades of industry-leading Roland technology, powering the instrument with smooth, precise control, massive polyphony, and full patch remain for seamless transitions. This flexible architecture lets you combine various synthesis and sampling technologies along with FANTOM EX's onboard analog filter for new cutting-edge sounds and take advantage of new sound expansions and premium sound content on Roland Cloud. FANTOM EX gives you carte blanche to coveted instruments from Roland's vaunted legacy of genre-defining synths while blazing new synthesis frontiers. With all this firepower, you can focus on creating music, not conserving processing power. You won't have to concern yourself with how many effects you can use or if you can change sounds seamlessly without affecting existing sounds. With the massive power available in FANTOM's engine room, you can run remarkably complex patches concurrently with all available effects.

Advanced Analog Circuit Behavior (ACB)

At the core of FANTOM EX is Roland's custom Analog Circuit Behavior technology that faithfully re-creates the richness and warmth of analog circuitry and its interactive behaviors at a component level in the digital realm. FANTOM EX features three ACB instruments that benefit from the latest technology, including Circuit Mod and Condition functionality that lets you dial in your preferred amount of vintage character. Launched in 1981, the JUPITER-8 is one of the most revered and cherished polysynths ever made. The JUPITER-8 ACB Expansion puts a complete circuit-level re-creation of this synth icon inside FANTOM EX. The SH-101 ACB Expansion is an uber-detailed sonic replica of Roland's SH-101 from 1982, a celebrated monosynth that continues to inspire electronic music to this day. In 1983, the landmark JX-3P introduced a new era of streamlined visuals, easy preset recall, and tuning stability thanks to the digital control of its analog oscillators. Nailing the sound of the original, the JX-3P ACB Expansion brings this classic to your FANTOM EX workflow. While the SH-101 and JUPITER-8 ACB Expansions are preinstalled, the JX-3P is a free download on Roland Cloud for FANTOM EX owners and purchasers of the FANTOM EX Upgrade for original FANTOM models.

ZEN-Core: sonic superpower

Roland’s flexible and expandable ZEN-Core Synthesis System leverages decades of research and development to bring you a broad selection of premium electronic, acoustic, and hybrid sounds. Build expressive tones with up to four partials, each with an independent oscillator, filter, amplifier, dual LFOs, and effects. You can pack up to 16 tones in a Scene to build complex splits, layers, and sequenced parts. FANTOM EX ships with six preloaded Model Expansions driven by the powerful ZEN-Core system. From rare, coveted classics to the sounds of tomorrow, Model Expansions give you immediate access to the ever-growing Roland oeuvre. One of these Expansions is n/zyme, an interactive instrument with an all-new synth engine specifically developed for FANTOM EX. Incorporating wavetable oscillator layers, phase and shape modulation, resonant filters, and two Step LFOs, n/zyme will spark endless creative explorations. The JD-800, JUNO-106, JUPITER-8, JX-8P, and SH-101 Model Expansions capture the essence of sought-after vintage Roland instruments, fortified with more polyphony and additional features for today’s musicians.

Cutting-edge SuperNATURAL and V-Piano technologies

Acoustic piano is home base for many keyboardists. The SuperNATURAL sound engine and V-Piano and technology in FANTOM EX deliver supremely authentic and deeply expressive pianos that sound and play like the real deal. The V-Piano interface has been updated for a streamlined workflow, and the German Concert V-Piano Expansion 01, developed for Roland’s RD-2000, comes preinstalled. Core SuperNATURAL acoustic and electric pianos are also onboard, along with the newly developed SuperNATURAL Acoustic Piano 3 Expansion.

Go organic

Roland’s Virtual ToneWheel sound engine faithfully emulates the sound-generation process of vintage organs, complete with multiple tonewheel types, adjustable percussion, key click, leakage, and more. There’s also a swirlicious rotary effect with variable speed and brake control, as well as tube distortion and overdrive. The FANTOM EX touchscreen, sliders, knobs, and keyboard action are automatically configured to give you an authentic organ-playing experience, complete with hands-on control.

Creativity without compromise

With no confusing modes, technical limitations, or sonic compromises to derail your creative process, FANTOM EX fuels your creativity with its fast, fluid workflow. FANTOM’s creative process facilitates and enhances the way modern musicians work by providing intuitive compositional tools, instant-recall creative environments, and deep integration with your DAW. Forget about having to remember which features work in which mode — FANTOM is always in Creative mode.

Make the Scene

Whenever you enter your creative zone, FANTOM EX is ready with custom creative spaces called Scenes that contain your sounds, clips, patterns, and performance layouts — all triggerable with a single touch. A Scene can be a complete song, a segment of a song, or merely a starting point with your sounds arranged just the way you want them. You can chain Scenes together or swap them out instantly — with no glitches or gaps.

Updated classic pattern sequencer

FANTOM EX is a self-contained, 16-part multitimbral music composition platform designed for rapid creation and fluid arrangement. You can create patterns on FANTOM in a variety of ways, including step- and real-time polyphonic sequencing or the TR-REC pattern sequencer — ideal for rhythmic parts — as on Roland's iconic drum machines. The cornerstone of dance music is the step sequencer, none more classic than the 16-step TR-REC found in drum machines like the TR-808, TR-909, and TR-8S. FANTFANTOM'soard TR-REC sequencer is completely updated with sub-steps for ratcheted parts, motion control for per-step automation, and support for chords.

Clip-based sequencing

Also at your fingertips are 16 RGB performance pads, real-time recording with piano-roll editing, and a grid for recording and launching clips. You can use any or all of these tools at any time to realize your musical goals. Build up tracks easily and quickly by arranging groups of clips. Record drums, bass lines, pads, and melodies into clips and trigger them separately or in Scenes. This is an expeditious way to compose — and perfect for triggering backing tracks onstage.

Stunningly authentic sounds

To achieve its stunningly authentic acoustic and electronic sounds, FANTOM EX runs digital modeling, sampling, and analog synthesis technologies simultaneously. You can sample your own sounds and trigger up to two gigabytes of loops and one-shots from the onboard performance pad matrix. For extra warmth and grit, there's also an analog filter that's completely routable, and you can even mix your favorite soft synths with FANTOM's internal sounds. For countless composers cross-genre, the piano is the heart of the creative process. FANTOM EX incorporates Roland's advanced V-Piano technology that meticulously models the components of the instrument and lets you fine-tune them to craft pianos that match your personal taste and respond just like their acoustic counterparts.

Uber playability

After sonic quality, there's nothing more important than playability — in other words, the way an instrument feels under your fingers and how it helps you express your musical intentions. From its silky-smooth and responsive keyboard action to its bevy of performance controls, FANTOM 6 EX focuses on the playing experience with Roland's finest semi-weighted keyboard action to date — making it an instrument that begs to be played. Solid, precise, and supremely playable, the FANTOM 6 EX keyboard conveys every expressive nuance of your playing. And it's also equipped with something serious synthesists covet: aftertouch. With FANTOM 6 EX, you can use assignable aftertouch to add a bit of tasty vibrato or other modulation to your sound without taking your hands off the keys. And speaking of modulation ...

Add motion to static sounds

Low-frequency oscillators add motion to static sounds. Having more LFOs gives you more modulation possibilities and more ways to explore new sonic vistas. With two LFOs per partial, four partials per Tone, and 16 Tones per Scene, FANTOM EX gives you an astonishing 128 LFOs per voice to work with. FANTOM’s Step LFOs have 16 steps of beat-synced automation with 35 curve choices per step. This lets you easily create long evolving passages, animated modular-synth-type textures, and immersive soundscapes with deeply intricate movement.

Intuitive hands-on control

To control a workstation this powerful, FANTOM EX offers a cockpit packed with an array of knobs and faders for immediate, intuitive real-time hands-on control, with high resolution for creamy-smooth filter sweeps and parameter fine-tuning. FANTOM even features a dedicated synthesizer section with oscillator, filter, and envelope controls, along with buttons and pads for triggering and sequencing. For enhanced expression, FANTOM lets you connect 3rd-party, class-compliant USB controllers to any of its three USB ports. And while FANTOM provides enormous creative potential, you may also want to integrate analog synths or drum machines into your rig. FANTOM EX features two sets of CV/Gate outputs so you can sync tempo or play them from FANTOM’s keyboard or its pattern sequencers.

Masterful connectivity

While FANTOM EX is jaw-droppingly powerful in and of itself, its beastly power grows exponentially when connected to other equipment, such as computers or analog synthesizers. FANTOM's onboard 16x3 audio interface lets you record studio-quality sound and route it to and from your DAW. Plug mics and instruments into the XLR combo connectors and route sounds to external destinations via eight 1/4-inch outputs. FANTOM is also a masterful MIDI control surface for your DAW and plug-ins, letting you adjust parameters right from FANTOM's touchscreen. Mix and layer soft synths with FANTOM's internal sounds, and then route them through FANTOM's analog filter section.

Your music. On steroids.

The more you get into your FANTOM EX, the more you'll appreciate its superior design and the thoughtful details. From its customizable RGB-lit controls and buttons to the subtle curvature of the top panel that lets you see rear-connection legends from your playing position, FANTOM is built for one purpose: to supercharge your musical creativity. Whether it resides in your home or commercial studio or is part of your touring rig, FANTOM is built for the long haul with a robust metal chassis, premium components, and balanced connections to stand up to the rigors of professional use. The Roland FANTOM 6 EX: it's the ideal vehicle for your musical explorations.

Roland FANTOM 6 EX Synthesizer Workstation Features:

  • Roland’s premier synthesizer series, updated and enhanced with the latest technologies
  • Premium 61-note semi-weighted synth-action keybed with aftertouch
  • Fluid workflow with no confusing modes, technical limitations, or sonic compromises
  • Powerful and intuitive user interface designed for unimpeded creativity
  • LCD dynamically adapts to support the task at hand
  • Deep integration with your DAW and plug-ins
  • Advanced sound engines: ACB, ZEN-Core, V-Piano, SuperNATURAL, Virtual ToneWheel, and more
  • Expandable ZEN-Core sound engine delivers authentic acoustic, electronic and hybrid instruments
  • Analog Circuit Behavior (ACB) technology faithfully re-creates the richness and warmth of analog circuitry
  • Over 7,000 onboard sounds from the renowned Roland library
  • SH-101, JUPITER-8, and JX-3P ACB Expansions
  • n/zyme, JD-800, JUNO-106, JUPITER-8, JX-8P, and SH-101 Model Expansions
  • V-Piano engine with updated UI and preinstalled German Concert V-Piano Expansion 01
  • SuperNATURAL piano engines and preinstalled SuperNATURAL Acoustic Piano 3 Expansion
  • Virtual ToneWheel organs derived from the Roland VK series
  • Modern hybrid sounds combining PCM, virtual analog, and routable analog filter
  • Enormous effects library, including new studio-quality Shimmer Reverb and Modulation Reverb
  • Master FX processor upgraded with ready-to-use presets
  • Updated UI for Mastering Comp and Mastering EQ
  • Stereo Vocoder with 32 bands
  • Professional sequencing tools with clip-based workflow, TR-REC step sequencer, piano-roll editing, and more
  • Updated TR-REC sequencer inspired by classic Roland drum machines
  • Advanced sampling with one-shot playback, pitched keyboard assignment, and multi-sample support
  • Large color touchscreen and ergonomic panel layout equipped with knobs, buttons, and faders
  • 16 RGB pads for trigging sounds, samples, and clips
  • Scenes contain parameters for all 16 layers, plus patterns and effects
  • Clip-based multitrack sequencing with pattern recording and triggering
  • High-resolution controls with dedicated synth control section
  • Massive DSP for robust polyphony and seamless patch transitions
  • Dedicated software control modes for Ableton Live, Logic Pro, MainStage, Cubase, and Studio One
  • Expand your creative range with ZEN-Core Sound Packs and Wave Expansions on Roland Cloud
  • FANTOM EX Upgrade available to original FANTOM owners on Roland Cloud
  • Comprehensive connectivity with multichannel audio I/O, MIDI I/O, dual CV/gate outputs, USB, and more
  • State-of-the-art 16x3 audio/MIDI USB audio interface
  • 128 low-frequency oscillators
  • 2 XLR-1/4-inch combo mic/line/instrument inputs
  • Balanced XLR main outputs; 6 x 1/4-inch outs
  • MIDI In/Out/Through
  • USB-to-Host; USB-to-Device; 3 external device USB ports
  • 2 sets of CV/Gate outputs
  • 4 pedal jacks

    Tech Specs

    • Type:Synthesizer Keyboard Workstation
    • Sound Engine:ZEN-Core, V-Piano, VTW Organ, SuperNATURAL
    • Analog/Digital:Digital
    • Number of Keys:61
    • Type of Keys:Semi-weighted
    • Aftertouch:Yes
    • Other Controllers:Pitch Bend/Modulation Lever, 2 x Assignable Switches, 25 x Knobs, 9 x Sliders, 2 x Wheels
    • Pads:16 x Pads, 4 x Banks
    • Polyphony:8 Notes
    • Number of Presets:10 Factory Settings, 20 User Settings
    • Presets:3500+ Tones, 90+ Drum Kits
    • Filter:Analog: 3 x Lowpass, 1 x Highpass, 1 x Bandpass, 1 x Bypass
    • Effects Types:9 x Chorus, 7 x Reverb, Master Compressor, Master EQ
    • Arpeggiator:Yes
    • Sequencer:16-track, 16 x Groups, 8 x Patterns (per track), 32 x Measures (per pattern)
    • Sampling:Up to 24-bit/48kHz, WAV/AIFF, 8000 x Samples, 128 x Multisamples
    • Audio Recording:Realtime, Step, TR-REC
    • Memory:2GB Internal Storage
    • Storage:USB Flash Drive
    • Audio Inputs:2 x XLR-1/4" Combo (mic/line)
    • Audio Outputs:2 x 1/4" TS (L/mono, R), 2 x XLR (L, R), 4 x 1/4" TS (sub 1,2), 2 x 1/4" TS (analog filter)
    • Headphones:1 x 1/4" TRS
    • USB:1 x Type B (audio, MIDI), 1 x Type A (memory), 3 x Type As (external device)
    • Pedal Inputs:1 x 1/4" (hold), 3 x 1/4" (control)
    • Other I/O:2 x CV Out, 2 x Gate Out
    • Power Source:Standard IEC AC Input
    • Height:4.17"
    • Width:42.67"
    • Depth:15.86"
    • Weight:33.75 lbs
    • Manufacturer Part Number:FANTOM-6EX