Line 6 POD Express Guitar Amplifier and FX Processor Pedal

Line 6

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Key Features
  • Compact, Portable Multi-FX Pedal and Amp
  • 7 Amps, 7 Cabs, 17 FX, and a Looper
  • Distortion, Modulation, Reverb & Delay
  • Models Derived from HX Family Processors
  • Flexible Stereo or Dual-Mono Outputs
  • Adjustable 3.5mm Headphone Output
  • Simple Controls for Quick Tone Sculpting
  • USB-C 4x4 Recording Function
  • Supports up to 2 External Control Pedals
  • Includes Three AA Batteries
  • ighten the load of your bulky pedalboard with the ultracompact POD Express Guitar from Line 6, a portable modeling amp and multi-FX processor pedal. Sporting models derived from the HX family of processors and packed with 7 amps, 7 cabs, a looper, and 17 FX ranging from distortion and modulation to reverb and delay, POD Express Guitar lets you do more with less.

    The flexible stereo output supports both fully stereo and dual-mono output, letting you connect to stereo devices (such as amps, interfaces, and stereo FX units) or connect to up to two mono devices at once, such as two separate amps or cabs. Use the 3.5mm headphone output with adjustable volume for silent practice anywhere and the 1/4" control input for up to two external footswitches or an expression pedal. And with a USB-C port for 4x4 USB recording and audio interface duties, you can easily reamp, record and download IRs, and more. POD Express Guitar includes three AA batteries to get you started.

    Simple Controls
    Selecting and using amps and effects is entirely straightforward. Seven multicolor LED segments light to indicate various parameter functions. A red LED indicates the selected amp model when turning the AMP encoder. When holding the ALT button and turning the AMP encoder or an effect knob, the LED segments indicate the corresponding value. When turning an effect knob, the LED segments (1-7) indicate the level of the currently selected effect.
    Versatile Footswitches
    Use the onboard footswitches to engage amps/effects, change presets, sync time-based effects to a specific tempo, and activate the onboard tuner.
    Flexible Power Options
    POD Express supports power from either three AA batteries (included) or a standard 9V power adapter, such as the Line 6 DC-1 (not included). This ensures you always have a power source, whether POD Express is sitting in the heart of your pedalboard or standing alone.
    Extra Functions
    Extra functions include:


    • Tap tempo
    • A built-in tuner
    • Noise gate
    • 21 preset locations including 7 factory presets 
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