GR Bass AT 210V-800 ACT powered 2 x 10" cabinet demo store display


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AT 210V-800 ACT demo

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AT 210V-350/800 ACT


The lightest 2×10 active cabinet specific for bass in the world.
Thanks to its size, lightness, and power, the AT 210V-350/800 ACT is one of the most versatile cabinets in the entire catalog. Suitable for small and large live shows, it allows you to always have your sound.Connect to the cabinet directly with your active bass or your favorite preamp and enjoy the sound of the GR Bass cabinets.

With the AeroTech line, you can have the incredible innovation of our carbon fiber cabinets combined with the Pure Sound of GR, which is the pure sound of your instrument. Incredible sound, lightweight, power, impact resistance, and a beautiful modern design.


AT 210V-350

AT 210V-800


AT 210V-350: 350W RMS (AES Standard)

AT 210V-800: 800W RMS (AES Standard)


AT 210V-350: 8,8 Kg - 19,4 lbs

AT 210V-800: 10 Kg - 22 lbs

Bass reflex

On front

Frequency response

35 Hz to 22 kHz