Crush Chameleon Ash 5 piece drum kit Trans Satin Black

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5 Piece Shell Pack

 22"x18" Bass Drum

10"x7" tom

12"x8" tom

16"x14" floor tom

14"x6" snare drum in Trans Satin Black


Ash Overview

100% European Ash shells project an explosive and powerful tone with loads of bottom end and articulate highs. 


Satin finishes allow the natural beauty of the ash wood to be highlighted and less paint on the shells ensure that the desirable sonic qualities of the ash wood are unimpeded.

The interchangeable lugs allow you to choose what color combinations options best fit you. Each ash shell is created to Crush Drums’ highest construction standards. Double 45º bearing edges with outer edge round over ensures unrestricted tone from these ash shells. The edges are hand sanded and waxed to allow proper seating of drumheads allowing consistent and easy tuning.

Ash Features

Hoop Saver Claws


Modern classic designed die cast claws featuring protruding gaskets that protect your finishes.

Crush X-Mount


 4-Point suspension spanning four lugs. Allows for tighter fits and increased resonance while keeping your toms exactly where you want them.

Chameleon Lugs


Three piece heavy duty design looks great while retaining super strong stress points. The Chameleon Lug allows the drummer to change the color of their lugs without having to remove the lug housing from the drum shell.

Mating Memory Locks


Mating Memory Locks allow for super fast set up and are integrated into the bracket for a design that is visually stunning and extremely functional.

Gull Wing Spurs


12mm sized steel spurs offer rock solid stability while reducing the drilling needs and mass added to the drum shell. Less drilling and lighter hardware will allow more resonance and unrestricted tone. Along with the mating memory locks set up time is reduced and your spur will always be exactly where you want it. 

Hybrid Snare Wires


Carbon Steel and Brass snare wires combine for superior sizzle and an alligator strength bite.

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