Audix AP41 B Microphone Wireless System OM2


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Audix AP41 OM2 Overview

The AP41 Performance Series Single-Channel Wireless System from Audix includes the R41 1-channel diversity receiver and H60/OM2 handheld transmitter. The R41 receiver operates on a frequency range of 554 to 586 MHz and offers one-touch auto scan searches for clear channel. Thanks to the one-touch sync function, the receiver easily links to the H60 handheld transmitter placed within 300'. 


The handheld transmitter comes with the OM2 dynamic vocal microphone capsule. Featuring a slim-line body design and durable metal housing, this transmitter is compact, well-balanced, and comfortable to hold. It comes with a soft mute switch which also serves as an on/off switch when needed. It also features a high-contrast LCD display with group, channel, and battery indicator. 


Designed with a slight bass proximity and a tailored mid-range, the OM2 microphone has a full-bodied sound on small to mid-sized PA systems. It has clear and accurate sound reproduction, resistance to feedback and ability to handle high SPLs without distortion. It employs a VLM diaphragm for a clear, precise sound with remarkable voice response.

Audix R41 Kit-B Performance Series Single-Channel UHF Diversity Receiver (B: 554 to 586 MHz)

The Audix R41 Kit-B is a Performance Series single-channel UHF diversity receiver designed to deliver enhanced range and easy configuration for musicians, vocalists, presenters, and public speakers in houses of worship, concert venues, conferences, and live stage applications. It offers 106 pre-coordinated frequencies across 32 MHz of bandwidth in the 554 to 586 MHz frequency band. Use one wireless microphone (available separately) from up to 300' away. One-touch sync and auto scan functions provide simple and efficient setup.

The high-contrast LCD shows a host of information such as battery level, frequency, and AF/RF signal strength, which can be optimized via adjustable AF and RF gain. XLR and 1/4" outputs allow compatible connectivity with the balanced or unbalanced inputs on your mixing console. The R41 Kit-B ships with two antennas, a carrying case, an audio cable, one power supply, and a rackmount kit.

Incorporate up to 16 systems to use 16 unique channels simultaneously
Single-channel receiver supports one wireless microphone
32 MHz wide spectrum tuning
106 pre-coordinated frequencies
High-contrast LCD shows RF and AF signal strength, group/channel/frequency, level/squelch, battery level, and more
One-touch sync via infrared
One-touch scan eliminates inefficient manual tuning
Ground-lift switch helps eliminate ground loops or hum
Metal strain relief for power cable
Adjustable AF and RF level
Selectable lock function prevents the transmitter from being accidentally muted or powered off
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Audix H60 OM2 64 MHz Handheld Microphone Transmitter with OM2 Hypercardioid Dynamic Capsule (522 to 586 MHz)

The Audix H60 OM2 is a Performance Series handheld microphone transmitter with an OM2 capsule designed to deliver simple configuration and reliable wireless signal transmission for vocalists, presenters, and public speakers in houses of worship, concert venues, conferences, and live stage applications. It offers 64 MHz of bandwidth from 522 to 586 MHz, effectively covering A and B frequency groups for proper use with Audix Performance Series receivers. The hypercardioid dynamic capsule yields enhanced off-axis rejection, a 50 Hz to 16 kHz frequency response with a mild bass boost, and a high maximum SPL of approximately 140 dB.

A high-contrast LCD shows the current group, channel, frequency, and battery status. Dip switches provide access to three AF gain settings and the selectable 10/30mW RF output power. Two supplied AA batteries power the H60 OM2 for up to 14 hours. The rugged metal housing features a soft mute button for silent and quick on/off switching.

64 MHz bandwidth from 522 to 586 MHz covers A and B frequency groups
High-contrast LCD shows group, channel, frequency, and battery status
Durable tour-worthy metal housing
Modular capsule design allows easy swapping between dynamic and condenser capsules (available separately)
Convenient soft mute button for quick on/off switching
Two supplied AA batteries provide up to 14 hours of run time
Selectable 10/30mW RF power output
Three selectable gain settings—0 dB, -6 dB, and -12 dB
Dent-resistant steel mesh grille
Includes mic clip and pouch
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