Yamaha Montage M7 2nd Gen 76-key flagship Synthesizer


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Introducing MONTAGE M, the next-generation flagship synthesizer from Yamaha. Realize amazing sound with three engines that recreate warm vintage analog synths, cutting-edge FM synths, and ultra-realistic instruments. The Motion Control engine enhances these capabilities, adding a unique fourth dimension of control to your music making. Unlike traditional hardware synthesizers, MONTAGE M seamlessly bridges stage and studio with deep computer connectivity and integration. Designed to meet the needs of synthesists, keyboardists and pianists, MONTAGE M introduces a new era of sound, control and workflow in music creation.

Yamaha presents our next-generation flagship Synthesizer: MONTAGE M. Featuring three engines that create a variety of sounds – ultra-realistic instruments, vintage analog synths, and cutting-edge FM synths. For keyboardists, synthesists, and pianists, MONTAGE M seamlessly bridges stage and studio, unlocking new possibilities for sound, control and workflow.

AN-X models analog synthesizer sound and behavior. 

128 Elements AWM2 architecture delivers more articulations, dynamics and high-definition sound. 

9.97 Gb Wave ROM Preset Memory, 3.8 Gb Flash ROM User Memory.

400 note polyphony (AWM2 Preset: 128, AWM2 User :128, FM-X: 128 & AN-X: 16) for modern music production.

FM-X features 8-operator FM synthesis for creating modern, dynamic synth sound. 

VCM Rotary Speaker effect and realistic drawbar behavior deliver authentic organ control and sound.

16 Library slots for thousands of custom user Performances and waveforms.

Pure Analog Circuit 2 provides clear harmonic reproduction and even frequency response for powerful, clear sound.