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Ampeg Micro-CL 2x10" 100-watt Bass Stack

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Product Overview

The SVT Punch You Want, Minus the Volume!

Sick of risking noise violations? The Ampeg Micro-CL Stack is the bass amplifier combo you've been waiting for. The Micro-CL Stack gives you the real sound of an Ampeg SVT bass amp, but at volume levels your family and neighbors will appreciate. It's made up of two parts, a 100-watt solid-state head and a punchy yet appropriately quiet 2 x 10" matching cabinet. And when you need to go totally silent, just plug in a pair of headphones. Without a doubt, the Ampeg Micro-CL Stack is among the most versatile bass practice amps!

Ampeg Micro-CL Stack Bass Amplifier Combo at a Glance:

  • The perfect Ampeg bass stack for private practice and more
  • 100-watt head provides punchy SVT sound and great playing options
  • 2 x 10" cabinet delivers vital tone at reasonable volumes

The perfect Ampeg bass stack for private practice and more

Why sacrifice your tone when you need to practice in relative silence? Ampeg designed their Micro-CL Stack bass amplifier combo so that bass players like you can get the tone you need, no matter how quiet you need to be. They engineered its 100-watt solid-state head to sound as close to its tube-based big brothers as possible, so you get epic bass tone without epic volume. And thanks to its punchy 2 x 10" cabinet, the Micro-CL Stack gives you enough output that you can easily use it for rehearsals and small gigs when you want to.

100-watt head provides punchy SVT sound and great playing options

Not only does the Micro-CL Stack's bass head deliver the real Ampeg tone you demand, but it also comes loaded with excellent bonus features. First, there's the headphone output, which lets you practice in total silence. The Micro-CL Stack head also gives you a stereo input so you can rock out to practice mixes and your favorite tunes. Last but not least, there's an effects loop built into the Micro-CL Stack head, so you can steal your pedalboard from your full-size rig when you practice or play smaller gigs.

2 x 10" cabinet delivers vital tone at reasonable volumes

Real SVT tone includes the sound of a real cab. The scaled-down extension cabinet included with the Micro-CL Stack uses two 10" drivers to deliver pure Ampeg tone. Its frequency range (from 57Hz to 5kHz) is perfectly optimized for the Micro-CL Stack head, bringing out the punch and snap you'd only expect from a full-sized bass stack, but at more manageable volumes. This makes the super-portable Micro-CL Stack not only great for practicing, but also for playing smaller gigs. In fact, your sound guy (not to mention your back) will probably thank you the next time you play a bar or small club with this lightweight bass rig.

Ampeg Micro-CL Stack Bass Amplifier Combo Features:

  • The perfect bass rig for getting classic SVT tone at a manageable volume
  • An ideal head and cabinet combo for practicing, rehearsing, and playing small gigs
  • Includes both a bass amplifier head and cabinet
  • 100-watt solid-state bass head gives you the sound of a real Ampeg SVT amplifier
  • Dual inputs (0dB and -15dB) accommodate both low-output passive pickups and high-output active pickups
  • Built-in effects loop lets you use your favorite pedals the way you would with a full-sized rig
  • 3-band equalizer lets you tweak your tone to taste
  • Stereo line input allows you to play along to backing tracks
  • Headphone output makes it possible to practice in total silence
  • Included 100-watt, 8-ohm cabinet provides another vital part of the SVT sound
  • 2 x 10" low-frequency drivers deliver classic Ampeg punch at a manageable volume
  • Total weight of 46 lbs. (13.8 lbs. for the head, 33.2 lbs. for the cabinet) makes this one of the most portable bass stacks ever

Get the sound of a real SVT at totally manageable volumes with an Ampeg Micro-CL Stack bass amplifier combo!


Tech Specs

  • Type:Solid State 
  • Number of Channels:
  • Total Power:100W 
  • EQ:3-band 
  • Inputs:2 x 1/4" 
  • Outputs:1 x 1/4" Speaker (8 ohms), 1 x 1/4" (Line) 
  • Effects Loop:Yes 
  • Power Source:Standard IEC AC cable 
  • Height:7" (Head), 13" (Cab) 
  • Width:12.2" (Head), 24" (Cab) 
  • Depth:10" (Head), 11" (Cab) 
  • Weight:13.8 lbs. (Head), 33.2 lbs. (Cab) 
  • Manufacturer Part Number:99-015-1205


(No reviews yet) Write a Review