Yamaha SLG200S CRB Crimson Red Burst Silent Guitar


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Product Overview

The crimson red burst Yamaha SLG200S is a steel-string Silent Guitar that offers an acoustic-type sound and has a slim neck and low action. With its mahogany neck and body, rosewood fingerboard and bridge, this guitar offers a unique playing experience and look.

Whether used with headphones, plugged into an amplifier, or connected directly into a recording console, you have a versatile tool for use in live performance, recording, as well as for practice at home or on the road. Its compact, collapsible construction makes it easy to take with you when traveling.

The SRT Powered electronics are designed to recreate the body resonance of an acoustic guitar recorded in a professional recording studio. The SLG200S features a range of built-in digital effects such as reverb and chorus, and comes with a carry bag, stereo earphones, and batteries.

  • 80% quieter than a conventional acoustic guitar
  • Dual-action truss rod allows both convex and concave bow to be adjusted
  • SRT Powered electronics recreate the body resonance of an acoustic guitar by using the blend knob to mix the sound of the piezo pickup with the body resonance for a more realistic acoustic sound
  • Compact, collapsible construction
  • Slim body like an electric guitar
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(No reviews yet) Write a Review