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Vox Cutting Edge High-gain Overdrive Pedal with NuTube VECE

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MSRP: $249.99
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Now: $179.99
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Product Overview

High-gain Overdrive/Distortion Pedal with Cab Simulation

With the Vox Cutting Edge overdrive pedal, you can push your signal to high-gain Valhalla. Inspired by the focused tones found on modern recordings, this overdrive pedal delivers brutal tones you won't find anywhere else. The secret behind the Cutting Edge's incredible sound is its onboard tube. That's right, Vox's Nutube technology allows the company to add a running miniature tube to the all-analog design. This amp in a box features an active 3-band EQ and cabinet emulation. . The more you turn it up, the more modern and — you guessed it — tighter it sounds. So you can see how your signal is affected, Vox also included a built-in OLED display with an oscilloscope. Complete with three operating modes and switchable all-analog cab emulation, the Vox Cutting Edge will be there when you're blazing new tonal trails.

Use it as a pedal, preamp, or amp in a box

Vox equipped the Cutting Edge with switchable operating modes for serious flexibility. Play through it in Standard mode, and it will act just like an overdrive pedal. By switching to Preamp mode, you can use the Cutting Edge as a preamp for line-level devices such as your favorite keyboard. Finally, Cab-Sim mode engages the built-in analog cabinet simulator for direct recording or sending the signal to your PA system.

Nutube technology

The Cutting Edge overdrive pedal features Vox's Nutube technology to give you the tube feeling that you love without the bulk, heat, or other issues. Through years of research, Vox shrank the traditional vacuum tube down into a minuscule size without sacrificing reliability or durability. With Nutube powering your pedal, you get the punch, sag, and harmonic complexity of a real amp in a pedal format. Meanwhile, internally boosted voltage gives you greater headroom, so you can dial in the perfect amount of breakup.

Vox Cutting Edge High-gain Overdrive Pedal Features:

  • Classic and modern metal tones in the same stompbox
  • Nutube technology gives you the performance and feel of a tube amp
  • Tight control sweeps from saturated classic tones to aggressive modern tones
  • Active EQ provides intuitive tone shaping
  • Standard mode operates just like a pedal
  • Preamp mode handles line-level devices before sending them to a PA
  • Cab-Sim mode engages cabinet simulation for direct recording
  • Selectable cabinet simulator lets you run straight into a PA for live performance
  • OLED display and oscilloscope shows how your signal is being affected in real time
  • All-analog signal path preserves tone


(No reviews yet) Write a Review