Audient EVO SP8 8-Channel Smart Preamp with A-D/D-A


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Product Overview

Audient's Evo SP8 is a high-quality 8-channel preamp expander for your existing audio interface. Evo SP8 vaunts eight award-winning Evo preamps, top-notch 24-bit/96kHz AD/DA conversion, and cutting-edge Smartgain technology that ensures optimal recording levels in every application. You also get a versatile range of I/O connectivity, which includes two JFET instrument inputs. You'll appreciate the usability of Evo SP8's Motion UI control system, which consists of a 1-knob centralized control, clear metering, channel status indicators, and a high-resolution TFT-LCD screen. Anyone looking for high-performance I/O expansion for their studio will appreciate the intelligent design of Evo SP8.

Eight stunning Evo microphone preamps

Evo SP8's eight Evo mic preamps reflect Audient's 25 years of engineering innovation. These excellent-sounding pres yield a respectable 58dB of gain for your microphones, along with impressive EIN specs for low-noise, low-distortion results. These digitally controlled analog preamps provide ultra-precise control, enabling you to set your gain with pinpoint accuracy. Matching the levels of stereo-paired mics has never been easier! Evo SP8 also boasts top-notch AD/DA conversion with a remarkable 121dB of dynamic range. In short, this audio interface sounds amazing!

Smartgain takes the guesswork out of setting levels

Our favorite feature of Audient's Evo SP8 here at AudioProCT is Smartgain. This incredible technology automatically sets the gain for all eight of the interface's channels — simultaneously — at the touch of a button. Smartgain employs advanced peak analysis to automatically analyze your input signals and adjust each channel's preamp gain to its optimal level. This feature not only safeguards against clipping, but it's also a huge time saver when you're recording drums or setting up large sessions. On top of that, it makes recording yourself much easier, since you won't need to continuously adjust your preamp gain. You can just set up and start playing!

Easy-to-use Motion UI control system

Navigating Evo SP8 is a walk in the park, thanks to its intuitive Motion UI control system. The interface is centered around a high-resolution TFT-LCD screen, which includes IPS technology for clear viewing at any angle. A channel status indicator displays the channel's name, levels, and functions activated with a push of a button. Crystal-clear, full-color metering makes keeping an eye on your levels a breeze. What's more, Evo SP8's 1-knob control ensures simple, trouble-free operation.

Audient Evo SP8 Smart Preamp Features:

  • Digital I/O expander provides 8-in/8-out over a common ADAT connection
  • 8 analog Evo mic preamps yield 58dB of gain and digital-precise control
  • Contains 2 JFET instrument inputs and a word clock input
  • Top-notch 24-bit/96kHz AD/DA converters supplies crystal-clear audio with 121dB of dynamic range
  • Smartgain automatically analyzes your input signals and adjust each channel's preamp gain
  • Intuitive Motion UI control system with high-resolution TFT-LCD screen
  • Channel status indicator displays the channel's name, levels, and functions activated
  • Easy-to-read, full-color metering makes keeping an eye on your levels a breeze
  • 1-knob control ensures simple, trouble-free operation

    Tech Specs

    • Preamp Type:Solid State
    • Number of Channels:8
    • Phantom Power:Yes
    • Sample Rate:Up to 96kHz
    • Bit Depth:24-bit
    • Analog Inputs:8 x XLR-1/4" combo (mic/line)
    • Analog Outputs:8 x 1/4" TRS
    • Digital Inputs:2 x Optical (ADAT)
    • Digital Outputs:2 x Optical (ADAT)
    • Clock I/O:In
    • Rack Spaces:1U
    • Power Source:Standard IEC AC cable
    • Height:1.75"
    • Depth:10.03"
    • Width:19"
    • Manufacturer Part Number:Evo SP8


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